January photo a day project 2018 | Hills District Photographer

A little late but seeing as I always tell everyone else to take and print more of your own photos, I thought I should complete the process and do the same!

The everyday.

The connection.

The Playing.

The firsts.

The angles and light.

The time just spent being together.

Capture whatever it is that matters to you, whatever you see that makes you smile and will revoke memories when you look back.

Every year in January I undertake my Photo-a-day project. It’s a great way to see my kids as they are now, doing what they love and what they are in to at that moment, more importantly seeing the growth year by year and how they change. At the end of each years project I create an album and we love looking through them together, especially my eldest. Both my kids have a keepsake box that they will receive on their 16th birthdays and these albums will be included and I can’t wait to sit down and relive all the memories with them, and for them to keep and share with their own children.

This year I had a few technical issues with my computer and while trying to resolve it I ended up missing a few days in this years collection so you will see a few duplicated days. Which is your favourite, and if you do anything similar then please leave the link below as I’d love to have a look.

If you’d love to get your own family photos updated, lets chat to find a location that you love and capture beautiful images. Email me on nikki@nikkifittphotography.com.au or complete the online form.

Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_b_029-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_a_023-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_b_032-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_b_038-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_b_039-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_b_046-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_Januar2018_e003-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_Januar2018_e008-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_Januar2018_e022-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_Januar2018_e028-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_Januar2018_e060-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_13-140118_027-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_13-140118_087-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_13-140118_122-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_a_031-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_a_034-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_a_058-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_a_085-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_a_103-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_january2018d_003-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_c_015-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_c_028-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_c_036-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_c_039-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_c_043-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_c_054-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_c_067-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_c_072-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_c_112-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_c_121-Edit1 Nikki-Fitt-Photography_January2018_c_137-Edit1




100 Day tradition | Hills District newborn photography

Not all of my sessions are newborns or families, I also really enjoy photographing older babies, AKA sitters! Unfortunately this little lady was unable to come and see me for a newborn session but I still got to meet and enjoy her company for a very special occasion, we got to mark her 100 days, which is a special tradition within her culture. We still wanted to stick with the natural and simplistic look that is my style so stuck with the light colours and textures to capture these beautiful images along with Mum, Dad and Grandma.

Traditions are such a great way to build memories, this doesn’t have to be cultural or religious but even creating simple traditions which are special and meaningful for your family

If you love these images and want to capture something similar for your little one Email me on nikki@nikkifittphotography.com.au

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Nikki xx

Hills District Newborn Photographer | Modern newborn photography


Sending you with this gorgeous family today and 3 of the most adorable siblings. I have to say that I’ve seen a fair few siblings that are completely taken with there new baby brother/sister but big sister Emily was just adorable, she had so much love and affection to give and did it in the gentlest of ways, it was just gorgeous to watch.

This little lady is definitely going to be showered with love as she grows up and I think these 3 will be the best of friends.

Book your session today at nikki@nikkifittphotography.com.au

MODERN  |  SIMPLE  |  FRESHNFP_SDblog_10 NFP_SDblog_2 NFP_SDblog_9 NFP_SDblog_3 NFP_SDblog_7 NFP_SDblog_5 NFP_SDblog_8 NFP_SDblog_6 NFP_SDblog_4 NFP_SDblog_1


15 Days new | Hills District Newborn Photographer

Booking your newborn session early is always best, this helps ensure the availability for your date and allows us time for your pre session consult to discuss your session and any special requirements however, sometimes things to not go to plan and day to day life gets in the way. I will always do my best to accommodate a session with you whenever you call but with getting busier and busier this is becoming harder.

This little guy was 11 days old when his mum contacted me for his session and fortunately I had an opening to fit them in a few days later. I had the pleasure of meeting this family when bub was 15 days new. In terms of newborn photography this is often classed as an older newborn……I know right, 15 days and being classed as old already!! This is because up to 2 weeks of age babies tend to have the innate sense, and need, to sleep for longer periods as they slowly adapt to life, after this time the awake periods lengthen and gradually they become more alert therefore the first 2 weeks is seen as optimal for newborn sessions to aid with capturing the sleepy newborn positions however, as this little guy showed, all babies are different and grow and develop in their own time. He was a delight through his session and although took longer to settle initially, once he was asleep we got a lot done.

If you’re interested in a beautiful newborn session please contact me, I’d love to chat with you.

NikkiFittPhotography_Newborn_SHRblog_8 NikkiFittPhotography_Newborn_SHRblog_2 NikkiFittPhotography_Newborn_SHRblog_10 NikkiFittPhotography_Newborn_SHRblog_1 NikkiFittPhotography_Newborn_SHRblog_9 NikkiFittPhotography_Newborn_SHRblog_11 NikkiFittPhotography_Newborn_SHRblog_3 NikkiFittPhotography_Newborn_SHRblog_6 NikkiFittPhotography_Newborn_SHRblog_5 NikkiFittPhotography_Newborn_SHRblog_4 NikkiFittPhotography_Newborn_SHRblog_7

Celebrating the new year with this little beauty


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year with your loved ones. Ours was great, especially as I got time to completely switch off and have 100% of my time with my family. If you haven’t already seen, I have also started up my photo a day project for the month of January where I capture my kids in their everyday situations and the fun things we do through the school holidays, head over to Facebook to follow along.

Spending time with this little beauty was fantastic, she was a dream and slept throughout the entire session. Prior to her newborn session I had the pleasure of photographing her pregnant mum, who at 38 weeks looked ah-mazing…. although you will have to take my word for it as she is a little shy and does not want her images shared on social media.

Miss V loved to be curled up and kept nice and warm. She has such gorgeous skin that the natural whites complimented her so well.

If you’d like to experience a modern newborn session with Nikki Fitt Photography either email or call me on 0416824458  |  nikki@nikkifittphotography.com.au

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