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Booking your newborn session early is always best, this helps ensure the availability for your date and allows us time for your pre session consult to discuss your session and any special requirements however, sometimes things to not go to plan and day to day life gets in the way. I will always do my best to accommodate a session with you whenever you call but with getting busier and busier this is becoming harder.

This little guy was 11 days old when his mum contacted me for his session and fortunately I had an opening to fit them in a few days later. I had the pleasure of meeting this family when bub was 15 days new. In terms of newborn photography this is often classed as an older newborn……I know right, 15 days and being classed as old already!! This is because up to 2 weeks of age babies tend to have the innate sense, and need, to sleep for longer periods as they slowly adapt to life, after this time the awake periods lengthen and gradually they become more alert therefore the first 2 weeks is seen as optimal for newborn sessions to aid with capturing the sleepy newborn positions however, as this little guy showed, all babies are different and grow and develop in their own time. He was a delight through his session and although took longer to settle initially, once he was asleep we got a lot done.

If you’re interested in a beautiful newborn session pleaseĀ contact me, I’d love to chat with you.

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Full of LOVE

Not that I’m sitting here backing myself or anything……but look, as promised here is your next blog post full of images from Miss K’s newborn session.

This little lady is definitely going to be well looked after among her older brothers and sister and I’m sure they will have so much fun together growing up in a large family. I couldn’t help but take my hat off to this couple too, not only have they just welcomed this beautiful little girl but within a short time have also built a new house and got married…………only the 3 most stressful things in life! Congratulations guys, I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

To book your newborn session please email nikki@nikkifittphotography.com.au

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