January photo a day project 2018 | Hills District Photographer

A little late but seeing as I always tell everyone else to take and print more of your own photos, I thought I should complete the process and do the same!

The everyday.

The connection.

The Playing.

The firsts.

The angles and light.

The time just spent being together.

Capture whatever it is that matters to you, whatever you see that makes you smile and will revoke memories when you look back.

Every year in January I undertake my Photo-a-day project. It’s a great way to see my kids as they are now, doing what they love and what they are in to at that moment, more importantly seeing the growth year by year and how they change. At the end of each years project I create an album and we love looking through them together, especially my eldest. Both my kids have a keepsake box that they will receive on their 16th birthdays and these albums will be included and I can’t wait to sit down and relive all the memories with them, and for them to keep and share with their own children.

This year I had a few technical issues with my computer and while trying to resolve it I ended up missing a few days in this years collection so you will see a few duplicated days. Which is your favourite, and if you do anything similar then please leave the link below as I’d love to have a look.

If you’d love to get your own family photos updated, lets chat to find a location that you love and capture beautiful images. Email me on nikki@nikkifittphotography.com.au or complete the online form.

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Location Location

I’ve had a lot of people ask me recently where I shoot and if I travel….the simple answer is yes, but within limits! I love to travel around a little to get more variety into my sessions for both my sake and my clients. The Hills District is full of beautiful green parks such as Rouse Hill Regional Park, Fagan Park and local reserves but sometimes beautiful beaches and urban locations are too hard to resist. You can get some great textures and colours with urban sessions and often there are great ways of using the surrounding buildings, trees, laneways and sculptures to create frames around families and children.

Some of the locations I have had the pleasure of shooting at outside of the Hills include, Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Chinamans Beach, The Rocks, Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont and Chowder Bay.

This session was among one of the first family sessions I shot and is still one of my favourites. The love, the fun and the location are what made it. This family were so friendly and easy going and we had lots of fun exploring the laneways around The Rocks.

To book your own family session please email me at nikki@nikkifittphotography.com.au

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